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Enagic Is a Direct Sales Company

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Benefits of the Enagic® Compensation Plan:

  • No sign-up fee
  • No inventory stocking
  • No distributor fees
  • No time limits
  • No auto-ships

Enagic® is a privately held Japanese company founded by  Hironari Ohshiro in 1974. We are a company committed to fostering better  health with Gold Standard products and international expansion. In  North America alone, there are offices in Los Angeles, New York,  Chicago,Dallas, Orlando, Seattle and Honolulu. Worldwide, there are  branches in Nuevo Leon Mexico, Düsseldorf Germany, Italy, France,  Australia, Vancouver BC, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the  Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan!

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Enagic's  powerful expansion is due in part to the lucrative earning potential  available for all Enagic® distributors. Thanks to Enagic's 8-Point  US-Patented Compensation Plan, YOU could start building a brighter  future as an Enagic® distributor TODAY!

The Enagic® Compensation  Plan is a DIRECT SALES PROGRAM, which means we have completely  eliminated the middle man and 100% of the commission gets paid directly  to our independent distributors. This is a unique sales program where  your earning potential is based on YOUR hard work (direct sales), AND  you are also compensated for your team members' sales (indirect sales).

There are 3 parts to Enagic's Compensation Plan:

The Rank System

The 8-Point System

Additional Income Streams